Innovation patenting

Define the idea

Once you have defined an idea, you should protect it. However, there is a hitch – an idea cannot be patented or protected under any other kind of intellectual property rights. An idea is considered to be inside the head of an innovator. It is only after an idea is realized, in one way or another, that it may be protected.

A patent, thus, does not protect an idea, but rather a specific solution of technical nature whose realization has required intellectual work.

Apply for patenting

A patent claim is initiated by an application to the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO). Though the procedure itself can drag on for years, the patent right is awarded conditionally from the date of patent application.

18 months

Over a period of 18 months, a formal inspection of a patent application is carried out to establish whether or not it fulfills all the legal requirements for publication. If not, the SIPO calls on the applicant to remove any irregularities within the law-prescribed deadline.

Patent application publication

The patent application is after a period of 18 months published in the Croatian Intellectual Property Journal. After publication, the application is available in the data base on the SIPO web-site.

Decide on the protection

The claimant decides about the mode of protection – through a procedure of complete investigation (patent for 20 years) or without complete investigation (acknowledgement of consensual patent for 10 years).

Patent certificate

The claimant is issued a decision on patent grant and patent certificate.