Project applications for EU tenders


Call for tenders


Prepare a project application

After finding the tender with funding priorities matching your project objectives and mission, you should study well the tendering documentation and enclosed forms, and draft a project proposal including specified forms.

Tender application shall include the following: project description, general and specific objectives, efficiency and feasibility, sustainability, budget and cost-effectiveness.

Important: Knowledge of the structure of Logical Framework Matrix!


Apply within the deadline

Before submitting your proposal to a competent institution within the deadline set in the tendering documentation, make sure that all forms are correctly filled out and your proposal is complete.

This way, you will make sure that your project proposal is not rejected due to administrative or technical inconsistencies such as incomplete documentation, missing original documents or unsigned documents.


Project application evaluation

The team designated for project evaluation (assessment and appraisal) studies and assesses every submitted project in detail. Evaluators are experts working for the tendering institution, but can also be independent professionals objectively evaluating the weaknesses and strengths of all applied proposals.


Tender results

All positively assessed project proposals will be notified about the outcome. There are situations when, due to limited resources, the contracting body draws up a list of reserve projects which, though equally good, have been awarded less points (below the threshold). Said project proposals may still be allocated certain funds in case a winning institution/organization drops their project or if, after clearing the budget enough funds remain for financing more projects.


Supplementary documentation

Once the project application has been okayed, the contracting body will be asking you to deliver the official documentation in evidence of your registration and financial solvency.


Budget clearing

Budget items not transparently displayed (based on market analysis) may be reduced or altogether dropped from the project. It is essential while preparing the project budget to make sure all items match project activities.


Start of project implementation

A separate bank account for EU funding shall be opened.

All project-related transactions shall go through the above separate bank account.

Up to 15% of anticipated expenses may be reallocated prior to realization.


Project audit

Project audit is assigned to:

  • For projects valued under € 100,000, the auditor shall be the tendering institution
  • For projects valued over € 100,000, external auditing is mandatory.

Subject to audit:

  • overall project documentation,
  • implementation of activities listed in the project.
  • In case of irregularities, refunding may be requested.